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" Wholesome Eats encompasses sustainability through use of local, seasonal ingredients and recycled biodegradable materials, practicing social responsibility, to support North Carolina's economy, one meal at a time."


Need a hand to prepare delicious and healthy meals? Wholesome Eats can certainly  help!  As a personal chef, I will cook in a manageable time leaving you with Wholesome Eats for the entire month.  All meals can be kept in the fridge or be frozen at your convenience.


Are you ready to cleanse your pantry of unhealthy food? Wholesome Eats is the kick in the butt" you have been looking for!  I will "scrap the crap" out of your pantry and fridge and "throw your junk out of the trunk", filling you up with ideas and suggestions to replace all those items with healthier options that will benefit you.

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Need ideas​ for meals and menus, "healthyfying" your favorite Eats, or learning more about nutrition? Have food allergies and need guidance on what to prepare?  Wholesome Eats is here to help, and ready to share combined nutri-chef knowledge and tips that will certainly make your kitchen the happiest place of the household!


Want to learn how to cook something special? Want to throw an interactive lunch or dinner party for your friends?  Wholesome Eats can do it all!  You will be taught, you will cook, be entertained and have the dishes all taken care of for you!


Would you like help to shop and pick the best ingredients and value for your Wholesome Eats? WE can accompany and guide you through the aisles, making your shopping experience quick, efficient, and painless!

A green lifestyle should be our way of living, paying attention to body, mind & soul

You're invited to join this journey, welcome to Wholesome Eats