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Why dōTERRA Essential Oils in your Wholesome Eats?

 Essential oils are different from common cooking oils and other essential oil brands. The difference between those oils when used in cooking and dōTERRA’s, is that dōTERRA oils are superior in quality, which simply means you will be getting a boost to your health and not just the enhancing of ‘flavors.’ They are food grade safe and delicious at the same time. Because dōTERRA essential oils are concentrated, from 50 to 70 times more therapeutically potent than the herbs or plants they are derived from.

As for me, for the past 15 years I have been 100% holistic, naturalist, homeopathic and herbalist. I am even sometimes called a sorcerer, for my mysterious concoctions for anything from A to Z. Of all methods learned, for me, the absolute most effective of all are the dōTERRA essential oils for health & wellness, as well as in the kitchen. They have replaced all pharmaceuticals in our family medicine cabinet.

I love cooking with dōTERRA as I get the absolute purity of flavor in such a concentrated form! If an ingredient isn't in season, being able to use it in oil form anytime of year is like having a little bit of liquid sunshine whenever I want. An array of recipes can be made with these dōTERRA oils, including dressing, drinks, dips, baked goods and much more, adding so much unique flavor. For me, culinary oils are like being gifted a new box of colored pencils: just get in there and start to experiment and play. Once you start, it is such an addictive process in the best possible ways!

Which oils are safe to use for cooking? I would only recommend dōTERRA Essential Oils for cooking since they are highest in quality, therapeutic-grade, food grade and GRAS & FA (Generally Regarded As Safe and Food Additive), as not all plants and their essential oils are for internal or cooking purposes.

Interested in purchasing your own stash of dōTERRA Essential Oils? I will gladly order them for you.  

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