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My Story...

Growing up in Brazil with an American dad got me immersed into the American culture and cuisine from an early age. Cooking at home was always special, as was helping my grandmothers make all the delicious foods only they knew how to make. My childhood was surrounded with cooking experiences, and the beginning of my love affair with food!

While still in high school I was able to get internships at the best hotel kitchens in town, which only grew my passion and helped me decide to go to Johnson and Wales, where I got an AS in Hospitality and a BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

When it was finally time to get my first real job, the kitchen once again was my calling and I haven’t left this incredible field ever since. Once you enter the kitchen, you start with a blank canvas and magic happens, a couple of ingredients can be transformed into numerous delicious dishes, tastes, textures, smells, all making your imagination soar and the sky becomes the limit.

Cooking truly is an art!

In 1999 I was blessed with triplets and discovered a whole new way to live a more organic, holistic, and natural life, which my family has carried through today. And when it comes to cooking, there is no better satisfaction than cooking for your own family; it certainly beats any job in the best kitchens around the world!

When I cook, be that inside or out of my home, it never feels like work. The kitchen gives me peace; it is my Mecca, my happy place. Cooking, for me, is more than just preparing food, it is my therapy!

Today it is with great pride and satisfaction that I am able to gather passion, beliefs, and values, and put it all together in this incredible adventure where I am able to cook directly from my soul to your table!

Thank you for joining this exciting ride with me, I look forward to providing you and your family with many Wholesome Eats!!

Wholesome Eats Story...

The goal of Wholesome Eats is to share health and nutrition with all those around us.
Cooking and nutrition are a passion of WE, along with everything natural, organic, holistic and sustainable. Our daily Wholesome Eats comes straight from the ground, as pure and simple as only nature can offer.

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